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Great American Title’s client services department specializes in providing the highest quality information and resources to real estate and lending professionals.We establish a strong client base through strategic alliances with our account executives while striving to assist agents and lenders in areas such as managing data bases, strengthening community presences and developing, maintaining and growing fresh marketing ideas.


Property Information

Our database of Arizona Publicly Recorded property and ownership records give you instant access to complete and accurate property information:

  • Property Details
  • Comparison Data
  • Street Map & Assessor’s Map
  • Transaction History
  • Mortgage Information
  • Foreclosure
  • Local Schools & Local Businesses
  • Neighbors
  • Demographics

* Fees may apply

Title and Escrow Fees Calculator

Our rate calculator instantly generates reliable quotes for title premiums, endorsements, escrow fees and other related title and escrow fees.

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A Lead Generating Tool

Allow website visitors the ability to pull estimates through a custom widget. Visitors are prompted to supply their contact information, which will be captured for your lead generation.

Buyer/Seller Guides for Your Clients

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We leverage today’s latest technologies to make the Escrow and Title experience as seamless as possible from start to finish.



Great American can empower you with the ability to easily access your documents from any device. Our platform simplifies the process and incorporates easy-to-use technology, so that buying or selling a home can be as enjoyable as it is exciting. We offer several digital signature solutions that can change the way you buy or sell a home. You are able to receive all contract and document packages digitally, review and understand the documents before signing, and can even complete many of the important closing documents online.

Why use a REALTOR®?

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions that we have to make in our lifetime. With that said, doesn’t it make sense to have a professional assist you with this? Consider this, transactions regularly exceed $100,000. If you had a $100,000 legal situation it would be common practice to hire an Attorney. It is important when making this big financial decision to consider the risks and consult a professional to assist you with your home buying.

Pre‐Qualified, Pre‐Approved or Approved?

Many people mistake being pre-qualified, pre-approved and approved for a loan. It is important to know the differences and the effect it can have on your transaction.

  • Pre-Qualification – This is the first step in a transaction.  It is the review of your financial information which will determine how large of a loan you are able to qualify for.  Pre-qualifications are non-binding, which means that there is no guarantee that you will get approved for the specified amount.
  • Pre‐Approval – This is similar to the pre-qualification described above but this is a more in depth look at your financial situation and will usually include completing a formal Loan application. This also tends to take place before you have selected a home and is also non-binding.
  • Approval – This takes place once you have chosen a home. This is the final approval completed by the lender. When this takes place the lender will usually require that an evaluation of the property is completed, this is known as a Home Appraisal.

Pages from our Buyers Guide explain the loan process including the things that you will be responsible for paying for.


Are you new to the area, or thinking about moving?

Take a look at our guide below!

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For more information on the following, please contact us for a Buyer or Seller’s Guide.

  • Understanding the escrow and title process
  • Ways to hold title in Arizona
  • Are you ready to move?
  • Understanding property taxes in Arizona
  • Key words and terms

Investors Corner

For fast and reliable services let our professionals help you with your investment needs!

An investor needs to make sure their title company can provide them with the information necessary to make solid decisions on potential transactions. Cue Great American Title’s entrance. We verify all legal rights and potential control of the property and assist in clearing title during the challenging circumstances that often surface during investment transactions. We always offer the highest level of service while making the closing process a comfortable experience for all parties involved.

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