Adam Saunders

Adam was born and raised in Ogallala, Nebraska but moved to Arizona in 2001. He is a trained graphic artist, having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications and Design from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Adam began his career in title and escrow in early 2004. While not currently selling real estate, he has been a licensed agent in Arizona since 2001.

Adam’s expertise in graphic design, coupled with his knowledge as a licensed real estate agent, uniquely equip him to help other real estate agents and lenders reach their clients, thus ensuring they succeed in growing their businesses in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Adam lives in Gilbert with his wife, Ashley, and their four children. When not working, Adam might be found on a Home Depot run to purchase parts for his current construction endeavor, shuttling his children by golf cart for morning donuts, with his wife catching up on the latest episode of Law & Order: SVU, at a local auto parts store in search of components for his latest vehicle restoration, or at home, fixing whatever his children have declared broken since he left for work that morning.